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New Generation Ministries Inc.

Since our existence we have had a heart for our community which is a diversified community as any in our nation with a wealth of affluent families as well as some of Commonwealth's poorest families not to mention the great influx of Latino families; which makes the community challenging, however not impossible, as our history of service will address. We have some great accomplishments with limited resources.

  • Youth enhancement/drug prevention programs through arts, dancing, writing, debutant training and tutoring. Community trips that are inclusive of bowling, skating, basketball, visit to the elderly and etc. We have also sponsored out of town trips for our youth to Rehoboth Beach, Delaware and Williamsburg, Virginia.

  • Food distribution-donating food to needy families throughout the community.

  • Rental assistance to families who are facing eviction.

  • Prison Ministry that enhances families through job training, education, counseling, interview preparation, visitation and mentoring.

  • Youth Basketball Camps

  • Furniture distribution through partnership with Ikea Furniture store, to families who are transitioning from homeless shelters and etc.

  • Commonwealth Certified child care services.

  • Leadership Development Organization

  • Nursing Home Outreach

Also, we are partners with:

1. Apple Federal Credit Union

2. Toys For Tots

We have been able to supply these services through our core group of members, friends and as stated earlier community partnerships. Our goal is to expand our services to this community by seeking tangible donations of cash/computers/office furniture/real estate/volunteer time/and transportation including vehicles.

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We have been successful thus far because we believe in our vision that inspires each of us to do our part and not wait because people lives are in the balance while we wait. Our vision is personal and also inclusive. (We Are The Ones To Get It Done.)

New Generation Ministries Inc. is the umbrella organization for:

CDI Child Development Center

Styles of Praise That Raise The Roof (Future)

Keeping It Real - Sisters Building Sisters

Ron McKnight Foundation

Quitessence (Future)

Development Solutions

Hats of Praise

Women of Virtue Apparel

Generations (Future)

We also have several other developmental programs to be implemented within the next few years.

The empowering of the community is an idea long over due. There is no better investment that we can make to this community than to invest in their youth. A part of this investment is to empower their parents to climb into a better economic situation. We believe progress is not predicated on where you are but where you are going.

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